Fresh Most Profitable Jobs in Austria

My dear candidates, Today with the demands of many people I have come back with a new job idea. Many people asked for the most profitable business in the country of Austria. Firstly do not lose your heart If you are not getting a good job but if you give your best to get a good job then you will become a successful man in this world. My dear Friends, In this post, I have decided to talk with you about the jobs which are the most paying jobs in Austria. I hope that these jobs will help you in getting a good job in your favorite profession. The topics today I will discuss with you are:

  • Bank clerk/Financial expert
  • Attorney-at-Law
  • Computer Scientist
  • Politician 
  • Sales Representative
  • Consultant/Coach

Bank clerk/Financial expert

A banker or financial expert is a person who works for banks or financial institutions and has expertise in handling money. For this reason, they earn the most among the highest-earning professional groups in Austria. For senior executives, the average annual earnings are EUR 91,000 per year, EUR 145,000 per year, and up to EUR 300,000 per year, depending on the level. The salary of bankers very much depends on where the person works, what tasks, and what role he takes on.


Lawyers and lawyers also earn above-average well in Austria. Your annual income potential is 80-90,000 EUR per year and can be even higher, depending on your experience and role in the company. To work as a lawyer, you must have appropriate legal qualifications and have extensive knowledge of the Austrian legal system.

Computer Scientist

IT professionals are professional experts in computer systems and technology with solid experience in dealing with software and hardware as well as programming languages. Depending on the training and degree, the salary for IT specialists is between EUR 35,300 Starting salary, increasing professional experience and bachelor’s degree, the earnings are around EUR 45,000 per year and if you are a manager in this area, you can look forward to an annual salary of between EUR 89,000. The further you move up the leadership hierarchy, the higher the salary also increases. Up to EUR 232,000 is also possible at the highest level.


At the moment, the headlines are dominated by what politicians actually do not deserve. But also quite legally, as a politician, you get a respectable income – at least as a top politician.

If you can’t pass the matura, just go into politics, our teachers told us at school. Well, from a salary point of view, this is certainly good advice. Because the salary of members of the National Council starts at about 115,000 EUR per year. As a minister in the federal government, you already receive about EUR 240,000, and as Chancellor in Austria, you receive almost EUR 300,000 in annual salary. Was the President also interested? Yes, if so, because so! As Chancellor, you would earn about 330,000 EUR per year.

Sales Representative

There are also very few upper limits in sales. In addition, this job is popular with career changers, as it requires communication skills in most cases. Those who can talk can also sell. It is therefore not uncommon for a sales representative to earn around EUR 135,000 per year and a sales manager (CSO) to earn up to EUR 173,000 per year.


Consultants or coaches are experts in their respective fields and help their clients with their weekly target projects – whether personal development or professional development. Professional consulting services often provide a high income of up to EUR 70,000 per year or more – depending on the level of experience of the consultant and the size of the customer network.


So at last if these ideas are according to your mind then you can apply for the job one of them. These are the best jobs in the country of Austria. In this post, the topic about which we talk today is the highest paying jobs If your brother also wants to get a good job then you can discuss these ideas with him. I hope that you will get a good job If you will follow these ideas. Have a nice day.

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